Dirty Laundry!

July 20, 2015

Scrubba Wash Bag

This Spring Cyclosource brought in a unique travel accessory for life on the road. We have your solution to saving money, sustainability, and most importantly––cleanliness. It’s called the Scrubba™ wash bag. It’s like having your own personal  laundry mat with you at all times. The Scrubba™ wash bag is a self-contained washing machine for people on the go.

Where the Scrubba™ wash bag came from :

The Scrubba wash bag came about from a gentleman named Ash Newland, who was preparing for a trip to Africa to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. While planning for the climb, Ash was contemplating how to launder clothing during the several weeks that it would take to make the ascent. Of course, washboards came to mind, but that would involve buckets and quantities of water––which of course is sparse at the high elevations. Still dwelling on the washboard concept, Ash came up with a wash board that is self-contained inside a dry bag, thus, creating a small mobile washing machine.

The rest is history. The Scrubba™ wash bag is very popular with many touring cyclists all over the world.


Here is how it works :

1. Fill: Add water, cleaning liquid, and clothes to the Scrubba™.


2. Roll & Clip: Remove excess air from the bag. Roll down top at least four to five times and clip ends.


3. Deflate: Open cap and squeeze to expel air from the Scrubba™ wash bag.


4. Rub: Press down and rub clothes against the Scrubba™ wash bag’s unique internal flexible washboard for thirty seconds for a quick traveler wash, or for three minutes for a machine quality wash.


5. Rinse: Unclip and unroll the Scrubba™ wash bag’s seal. Remove dirty water from the Scrubba™ wash bag. Rinse clothes with fresh water in the Scrubba™ wash bag or under a running tap or shower. Replace the water, close, and shake the Scrubba bag to rinse.



6. Dry: Hang clothes to dry.


As you can see, the Scrubba™ wash bag is quick and simple. If you have any questions or would like to purchase your own laundry mat for the road, feel free to call, email, or order online through Adventure Cycling’s Cyclosource store.


Instructions and demonstration photos courtesy of Scrubba wash bag by Calibre8.

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Andrejs Ozolins July 20, 2015, 10:46 PM

I don't wish to deprive the inventor of this "device" of an income. However, I've used the much simpler and fully adequate solution of a gallon-size zip-loc bag for my tour laundry. Put in some (warm) water and something saponaceous; add the clothes in amounts that don't stuff the bag. Then, zip the bag closed with most of the air squeezed out. Then just knead the clothes inside, urging the soapy water to pass through the clothes. A couple minutes is all you really need unless it's grease or sap or something terrible. Then, drain the bag and put in clear rinsing water; squeeze that through the clothes a bit and pour it out; squeeze the clothes to get excess water out. Do this two more times and your clothes are rinsed. So is the bag. Set the bag to dry by turning it inside out. When everything is dry, you'll have the bag for your laundry as you wear the clean duds. Nothing like a washboard is remotely necessary. Look at what is currently the standard of good washing machines -- every see a washboard inside a front loading washer?

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