Cycling the Hill Country of Texas

February 1, 2015

Although winter living in the Northwest and Northeast has it advantages of skiing, sledding, skating and other winter sports; dreaming about the warmth of the Texas sun during March and April is a favorite pastime of mine. A favorite locale is the Hill Country of Texas. It offers a little bit of everything to the spring cyclist in training trying to escape the cold season up north.

One of many long sustained climbs
WIldflowers, wildflowers everywhere in April
WIldflowers, wildflowers everywhere in April

The Hill Country of Texas is celebrated for its dazzling displays of spring wildflowers that grow so thickly they sometimes appear to be distant lakes on the horizon. 

Plenty of camping throughout the area
You are indeed in cowboy country... Luckenbach, Texas

With cowboy names like Blanco, Luckenbach, and Johnson City, along with wildflowers, buffalo, ranches, quiet roads and warm weather, the Hill County of Texas is a cyclist's paradise.

Domesticated bison and game ranches abound


Ah, the bluebonnets are abundant in the hills of Texas
New friends with at least one thing in common...the love of cycling
Sharing the experience makes it all the better
Low traffic riding is always a sweet treat!
Blue skies and historic sights are plentiful in the hills
An adult beverage at a winery or brewery can be a great end to a great day of riding
Nothing like celebrating the successes of the day 
than with a beer and a hearty meal with a friend

Visits to German-style beer gardens and Texas BBQs round out the treats on this great slice of Texas.

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Post by Arlen Hall | Photos 1-3, 6-7 by MarshaK2012 | Photos 4-5, 8-10, 12 by PackerBronco | Photo 11 by trose102856

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Brian Managan February 2, 2015, 1:34 AM

Headed there soon on the Van Supported Southern Tier tour! Can't wait!!

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