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February 6, 2018

mountain in the distance
Riding the Denali Highway

Have you ever looked at one of Adventure Cycling’s guided tours, thought, “Wow! This tour is the perfect adventure!” then glanced at your calendar and noticed your niece is getting married? We know life can sometimes get in the way of your passion as a bicycle tourist.

Don’t worry, there is another way to keep your bicycle touring dreams alive when you design your own Adventure Cycling guided tour and Choose Your Own Adventure! It’s a way for you to create a tour to fit your needs and make sure your next bike tour really is the adventure of a lifetime.

If a tour date doesn’t work for you, or the tour format (fully supported, inn to inn, van supported, or self contained) isn’t your preference, we can help. Get a group of eight to 14 friends together and let us deal with all of the logistics. You just ride your bike.

Last year, we helped a group of friends do an inn-to-inn tour in Washington State’s San Juan Islands, similar to this tour that we offer: WA San Juan Islands I - Inn to Inn. This group typically designs their own bike tours, but felt they did not have the time to work out all the logistics with ferries, hotel reservations, and route creation. They wanted Adventure Cycling to put their minds at ease, and we did.

After the tour, this group gave glowing reviews and loved that they didn’t have to do any of the pre-trip work. Along with loving the beautiful scenery, the group commended their Adventure Cycling tour leader’s ability to integrate into the group of friends seamlessly. “Our first commercial bike tour. Our first time in the San Juan Islands. Kate did a wonderful job as the tour leader. Loved it!” exclaimed one of the participants.

boarding a ferry with bikes
Riding the Washington State Ferry to the San Juan Islands

This year, we have two Choose Your Own Adventure tours in the works, including a tour based on our Denali Adventure and a modified version of our Pacific Coast North tours. The Denali Adventure is a self-contained tour offered every other year, but this group didn’t want to wait until 2019, so they decided to inquire about having their own version of the tour. All of the logistics and planning will be out of their hands, allowing them to ride, relax, and enjoy Alaska. They even chose their favorite Adventure Cycling tour leader to lead it.

Bicycles in front of Denali sign
All smiles at Denali National Park!

The other custom tour, based on our Pacific Coast North tour, has been planned for a group with a completely different idea of what their trip of a lifetime should be. They wanted to make sure their tour started in Seattle and didn’t want to carry their gear, so we modified the route from the Pacific Coast Route so they could enjoy Seattle, and we provided a van.

These three examples show the variety of tours we can create for your enjoyment. Check out our current tour offerings for ideas and contact Adventure Cycling today about Choose Your Own Adventure tours.

Top photo Dean Svoboda | Photo 2 Alex Strickland | Photo 3 Jack Lane


ON THE ROAD is written by the tours team— Paul, Mandy, Emma, Mike, and Arlen — tours specialists and intrepid bicyclists, helping you bring your cycling dreams to fruition. Check out our 2018 Guided Tours today!


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