Craft Hybrid Weather Gloves

December 9, 2013

Initially recommended by our Membership Director, Julie Huck, the Craft Hybrid Weather gloves have been a big hit with both our staff and customers. It exceeds this blogger’s initial expectations in the important areas of grip and warmth. The material seems abnormally thin and lightweight for any garment marketed toward use in inclement weather but the blend of exclusive Craft fabrics does not disappoint.

The silicone grip overlay on the fingers & palm will astound you with their purchase on a variety of surfaces. The thumb & pointer finger are touchscreen compatible for those mid-ride photos and the elastic cuff has precisely the right amount of tension.

The retractable mitten is made of a wind- and water-proof material and features a reflective print. I’d like to see two additional features on these: a retractable mini-mitten for the thumb (unlikely) and some silicone grip on the mitten “fingertips”.

I’ll probably add a layer once daytime temperatures do not exceed freezing (December in Montana) but, for most folks in most places, this will make an excellent two- to three-season option. 

Get on it, or Richard may just may be forced to lay down some chop.

Photos by Patrick Finley

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Alison Riley January 21, 2014, 10:25 AM

Jon, we did sell them in Cyclosource but they were so popular that we are out of stock! We should have another batch in the fall.

Jon January 18, 2014, 8:08 AM

Hi, Are y'all going to sell these in cyclesource?

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