Corporate Spotlight: Road Holland Cycling Apparel

January 21, 2015

This post is part of a series spotlighting Adventure Cycling's Corporate Members. These companies support our mission and programs and do some cool stuff of their own. We decided to ask them some questions and, as a result, have learned a few interesting things about our supporters that we'd like to share with you. The answers below are direct from the companies. We hope that this gives you the chance to get to know them a little better, too. For this post, Corporate Member Road Holland Cycling Apparel shares with us a bit about their brand, their passion for cycling, and why they support Adventure Cycling Association.

Tell us a little bit about your company and its history.

Road Holland began because its founders, Jonathan Schneider and Richard Grossman, couldn’t find anything they really wanted to wear while road cycling. Apparel was just too much of everything — too loud, too garish to wear during those off-the-bike times, too tight or too loose, too poorly made, and too expensive.

They decided to make cycling apparel that would appeal to people like themselves — people who wanted good looking clothes that performed well, were comfortable to wear during even the longest of rides,  worked on “normal” body types, and wouldn’t break the bank.

The company started in 2010 by offering 4 classically styled merino wool blend jerseys for men and women.  Now, it offers a range of apparel from shorts to jerseys to outerwear in a variety of different materials. 

Can you tell us about the products and services you provide for bicycle tourists?

We allow bicycle tourists to pack light as our clothes are incredibly versatile. One of our jerseys will see you through a long day’s ride but still not make you look ridiculous if you decide not to change before dinner.

Why do you support Adventure Cycling Association through corporate membership? 

Bicycle Touring is something very meaningful to our brand, we aren't racers and our brand has been well received by Adventure Cycling. We believe in the Adventure Cycling mission and want to help introduce this style of cycling to more people.

What is your favorite service or program that Adventure Cycling offers? 

We are always looking for new places to travel by bicycle. Adventure Cycling does an excellent job of bringing new cycling destinations to the pages of their website and magazine. I trust the ride descriptions are accurate and allow us to plan our trips accordingly.

If your headquarters staff could relocate to any place in the world, where would they choose?

Our favorite area to ride and work is the Blue Ridge Mountains. No place on earth offers as much beauty and local color. Additionally, it’s easy to get to from the North and Southeast so we’re sure to have lots of company.

Photo by Rod Bruckdorfer

As your company grows, have you had mainly tailwinds, headwinds, or crosswinds? 

No company can expect constant tailwinds as it grows. From our growth over the last four years and our constant communication with customers, we know we are meeting a growing need. More “regular” people are cycling and they don’t want the typical skin-tight and loud cycling apparel.

Of course there will be competition as other companies realize where the market is headed. However, we think that competition will grow the market and undoubtedly be beneficial for us.

Have you or any of your staff ridden Adventure Cycling’s mapped routes?  If so, which ones?

Growing up and Living in Richmond, Virginia, has allowed us to experience some riding on Routes 1 and 76. But most of my bicycle touring has been on Rails-To-Trails and trips similar to the C&O/GAP.

Photo by Walt Abercrombie

What do you like best about Adventure Cycling magazine?

The magazine continues to improve year after year. I look forward to adding to my bucket list of future rides with each issue.

What cycling-related benefits do you offer your staff? 

We offer our staff a closet full of stylish cycling apparel and the opportunity to hit a number of top-notch trade shows throughout the year!

Is there anything else about your company that you really want to share with our readers?

Jonathan and Richard, and our customers, are the kinds of people you want in your riding group: Serious when they have to be, not so serious when they don’t have to be, and always willing to grab a beer.

MEMBERSHIP HIGHLIGHTS is posted every other Wednesday by the membership team — Julie, Josh, and Brian — spotlighting the various benefits of membership, our accomplishments thanks to member support, and interviews with some of our most passionate and dedicated members, both individual and organizational.


Jennifer D. January 28, 2015, 10:40 AM

I bought my first (and then second, third, and fourth) Road Holland jersey last year. The jerseys are fantastic. It's rare to find women's cycling jerseys that are true to size; so many are tiny. Road Holland's fit great!

Plus, Jonathan and Richard and the other riders who wear Road Holland are a pretty great group of people. :)

Whit January 28, 2015, 10:24 AM

These guys are great. Their fit is perfect, especially for me as a tall rider. I appreciate that the fit is relaxed yet not baggy. I am am able to hop off the bike and go straight to a restaurant with out getting awkward looks. This definitely increases my ability to ride to a nicer establishment and not be relegated to bars and coffee shops. Well done sirs!

Krista January 24, 2015, 9:34 PM

lovely. I look forward to purchasing their non-intrusive jerseys. They look so inconspicuous when I have to hope off the bike for an errand.

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