Bike Your Park Day Highlights

November 29, 2017

“Eleven of us cycled 30 miles through Big Basin Redwood State Park on satin smooth roads under balmy skies on a ride jointly sponsored by Western Wheelers Bicycle Club and Adventure Cycling’s Bike Your Park Day. The highlight, if you love atrociously steep downhills, was the descent down much-potholed China Grade.” –Howard Shafer

The second annual Bike Your Park Day was on September 30, 2017 in conjunction with National Public Lands Day. This event inspired people around the world to ride in or to nearby parks and public lands and included:

  • 1,142 rides
  • 9,080 participants
  • All 50 U. S. states and Washington D.C.
  • And a dozen countries

Check out some other fun facts about the 2017 Bike Your Park Day below and read the full report (.pdf file).

“Late afternoon excursion through Springdale and Zion Canyon in celebration of #BikeYourPark Day!!” –Emily Kagan

158 Generous Volunteers

Thank you to the 158 Bike Your Park Day volunteers from 41 states and D.C. as well as six other countries: Australia, Canada, Finland, Italy, the Philippines, and the United Kingdom. Volunteer Advisors and Influencers provided resources and guidance about riding in parks and public lands to participants and helped promote Bike Your Park Day. Interested in volunteering next year? Sign up here.

“SAG services for northeast Florida Easy Riding on the Black Creek Trail provided by Holiday Hill Girl Scout Cluster.” –Paula Thompson

Six Supportive Sponsors

Bike Your Park Day sponsors Visit Mississippi, Ridgeland Tourism Commission, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana made Bike Your Park Day possible. Advocate Cycles and Amtrak also supported Bike Your Park Day by offering prizes to a couple of lucky registrants — winners were announced on October 24 — and Black Coffee Roasting Co. donated three-ounce packages of coffee for the first 250 registrants.

Visit Mississippi, Ridgeland Tourism Commission, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana, Amtrak, Advocate Cycles, and Black Coffee Roasting Co. made Bike Your Park Day possible. 

All 50 U. S. States

The majority of Bike Your Park Day rides took place in 15 states in all regions of the country. There was one especially large ride at Colorado National Monument, accounting for the high participant numbers in Colorado.

12 Countries

The countries represented were Bermuda, Canada, Germany, Spain, Finland, France, the Netherlands, Northern Mariana Islands, Pakistan, Philippines, the United States, and Vietnam.

“The beauty of the highest peaks in Colorado wasn’t lost on cyclists who enjoyed Bike Your Park Day at the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area. The five-mile loop trail is the upper part of the ‘Stage to Rail Trail’ which is being developed on the historic Stagecoach and Railroad routes from Salida to Leadville. This year-round trail below Leadville is also perfect for a gentle hike along the Arkansas River, or cross-country skiing in the winter.” –Rose Bayless

Over 330,000 Miles

Bike Your Park Day participants rode 339,675 miles on September 30. That’s more than 13½ times around Earth!

37 Miles Each

Bike Your Park Day cyclists rode an average of over 37.4 miles on September 30. That’s quite an accomplishment!

“Thirteen cyclists from New York City joined in on Bike Your Park Day. Though in typical NYC fashion, we invaded our neighbor’s countryside and state park in Massachusetts. #Sorrynotsorry.” –Colin White

National Public Lands Day

Bike Your Park Day is always on the last Saturday in September, the same day as the National Environmental Education Foundation’s National Public Lands Day. According to the post-event survey, 8.5 percent of Bike Your Park Day cyclists also participated in National Public Lands Day.

Participants Rode in All Types of Public Lands

The majority of Bike Your Park Day participants visited state parks, national parks, and city or county parks. Some people visited more than one type of park.

99.5% Will Ride in Public Lands Again

One goal of Bike Your Park Day is to get people hooked on riding in parks and public lands. We’re excited to report that most participants will go again. Nineteen percent reported in the post-event survey that Bike Your Park Day made them want to go again, while 80% said they were already convinced. 

“Our park was shut down for the remainder of the year due to Hurricane Irma ... so we decided to just bike locally in our community parks and city.” –Kristin Reeder

71% Promoted Bike Your Park Day

Adventure Cycling can’t spread the word about Bike Your Park Day on its own. We need influencers like you. Thank you for sharing Bike Your Park Day in a variety of ways, including distributing stickers, postcards, posters, flyers, talking to friends and community, and sharing on social media with #bikeyourpark.

Save the date for Bike Your Park Day in 2018 on September 29!

We need you to make the 2018 Bike Your Park Day even bigger and better. Thanks to all of the participants, volunteers, partners, and sponsors. Let’s keep building the bike-travel movement by inspiring our friends and communities to explore parks and public lands by bicycle on the same day as thousands of others all over the world.

Photo 1 Howard Shafer | Photo 2 Emily Kagan | Photo 3 Lisa Lapsley| Photo 4 Rose Bayless| Photo 5 Colin White | Photo 6 Kristin Reeder | Photo 7 Joe Jacobs, Arkansas State Parks | Photo 8 Chris Craig, Harpers Ferry National Park


Bike Your Park Day Bike to or within nearby parks and public lands with thousands of people around the country on the same day — Bike Your Park Day on September 29, 2018. Bring friends and family to join the ride and discover the outdoor adventures in your backyard. Make it your own experience: ride any distance; go with friends, family, or join a group; bike on trails or roads. Visit a national or state park, monument, historic site, river, seashore, recreation area, preserve, forest, wildlife refuge, or parkway.  #BikeYourPark



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