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May 3, 2017

Joining as a life member is the ultimate commitment you can make to Adventure Cycling’s programs. When joining at this level of membership, not only will you receive all the benefits of membership for life, your membership fees will provide long-term support for our organization. 

Life members are entitled to an embroidered life member fleece jacket, a copy of America’s Bicycle Route: The Story of the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail, as well as a life member card in addition to a lifetime of the following benefits:

  • Subscription to Adventure Cyclist magazine
  • Member-only access to online editions of Adventure Cyclist
  • Access to our guided tours
  • Member discounts on maps for the 45,000+ mile Adventure Cycling Route Network
  • Exclusive special offers through our Affiliate Partners

Join the 2,090 cyclists who have made the leap to life membership with Adventure Cycling. Meet a few with their reasons for joining Adventure Cycling at the life member level.

Brielle Wacker 

“I love Adventure Cycling Association! I’ve only been road cycling for a couple of years and finding Adventure Cycling and doing the Cycle Utah tour that I did in 2015 really cemented for me that I love bicycle travel. On both tours that I’ve done with Adventure Cycling, I’ve met such amazing people and been so inspired to set new goals and plan more trips. Also, I love the magazine. It’s a huge source of inspiration as well. I decided that I may as well become a Life Member now, because I know I won’t want to ever miss an issue! I’m not sure that I’ll be able to make an organized tour this calendar year because I got into Ride the Rockies in June. But I probably wouldn’t have found out about that ride and/or felt like I was up to the challenge if it wasn’t from hearing about it through a friend I made on a tour and reading about it in the magazine. There are several Adventure Cycling tours on my wish list though! Basically, I just love the mission and I love what Adventure Cycling Association has already done for me as a somewhat newbie to cycling. Bike travel has become a passion that I believe I will have forever and it makes sense for me to contribute as a Life Member.”

Ron Dickinson 

“In 2014 I took a trip of a lifetime with my son Matthew, and we completed the TransAmerica Trail east to west. It was my first bike tour and we took on the big one. Why? It was a hair brain idea of my son and it gave me an opportunity to spend quality time with my son before he entered full time employment. I may never be able to allocate this much time again, but touring got into my blood. The next year I experienced an Adventure Cycling trip in Alaska, and a year after that I self-guided in Arizona. During the TransAm, we did the obligatory Mecca visit to Adventure Cycling headquarters in Missoula. Since the TransAm we have been Warm Showers host to many folks crossing the U.S. on a self-guided journey and those on the Lewis and Clark Trail which runs through our town. The culture among cyclist is naturally friendly, proactive, optimistic, and generous, no matter what walk of life each of us come from. Adventure Cycling headquarters was a good experience, but it really impressed upon me how vital their work is, and how easily it could all go away without donor support. Becoming a lifetime member quickly became a goal of mine and I was fortunate enough this year to be in position to contribute.”

Thomas Moore 

“Why did I choose now to convert to a life membership? I’ve thought about it every year since I joined, but I just didn’t want to make the financial commitment until now. My membership has inspired me to ride the Pacific Coast several times, and to fulfill a long time goal, by riding the TransAmerica Trail route in 2007, at the age of 61. At this point in my life, I felt compelled to contribute a little more financially, so that others will have access to the same support that Adventure Cycling offered me. The real answer to your question is: It made me feel good (And my wife told me it was the right thing to do).”

Top Photo by Jason George


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