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October 17, 2017

When you support any nonprofit through membership, one thing you know you’ll get is the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping to further a worthwhile mission. In our case, that’s inspiring and empowering people to travel by bike.

When you join Adventure Cycling, we’ll make sure you’re regularly reminded of those good vibes by sending you our Adventure Cyclist magazine. Our magazine is consistently polled as one of the major reasons our 53,000 members join Adventure Cycling, and we think you’ll love it too.

“You guys are great. Every time I get your magazine, my household income number becomes significantly at risk as I dream of going out bicycling and quitting my job!” –Jody, Durango, Colorado, 19-year member

Each issue is packed with trip reports, industry and advocacy news, the latest gear reviews, commentary, and stunning photography — all tied to bicycle travel. Take a gander at our April issue, which includes our annual Cyclists’ Travel Guide, and see what it’s all about.

Join Adventure Cycling today, and start getting Adventure Cyclist magazine delivered to your door. With short days ahead, it’s sure to keep your fire for cycling lit through the winter.

“Receiving your magazine in the mail puts a smile on my face almost as big as riding on my bike.”
–Henry, Australia, three-year member


MEMBERSHIP HIGHLIGHTS is posted by Membership Marketing Coordinator, Laurie Chipps. Membership Highlights spotlights the benefits of membership, our accomplishments thanks to member support, and interviews with our passionate and dedicated members.


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