Adopt a Library Today

August 2, 2013

Giving is great, and a great way to give is to adopt a library today. Whether it's your local community library, school library, or just any library you happen to be a fan of, you can give them a one or two year subscription to Adventure Cyclist magazine for only $20 — half the standard rate of membership.

That's $20 for a one-year subscription, or $40 for a two-year subscription to our awardwinning magazine. We're a huge fan of this program largely because of the great services libraries provide to cyclists. If you've gone on extended bicycle tours in the past, you know that you can almost always count on finding a library in any given town from coast to coast. They are a great place to duck into for using a computer, relaxing with a quick read, or taking a look at local maps of the area to add more flavor to your adventure. 

Add some adventure to your favorite library, and give them the gift of Adventure Cyclist magazine, and inspire others to take to the open road. Adopt a library today.

Photo by Josh Tack

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