5 More Reasons to Ride

May 6, 2014

Spring has sprung here in Missoula, and we’re itching to get out on the open road to feel the wind against our faces. After some of the long and hard winters we’ve heard our members have had, we thought we’d remind everyone of some great reasons to tour. Whether you’re looking for a family trip on the Erie Canal, a nice sampling of the California countryside on Wine and Harvest, or looking to get off the pavement on the Great Divide, there are reasons for everyone to ride. Here are some ways you can motivate yourself:

1. Break Routine

Many of us spend most of the day in the same old routine — wake up, drink coffee, go to work, go home and cook dinner, go to bed, and repeat. Why not change it up a bit? Although the wake up and drink coffee part may be a regular, try switching up the “go to work” part for nice bike ride to a winery on Wine and Harvest where you can enjoy a beautiful afternoon before having a wonderful meal cooked for you — not a bad new routine to get into!

2. Get out with the Family

Family time is important, but with busy schedules, spending time together never happens as much as we hope. This summer, grab the whole family for a week of Family Fun on our Erie Canal tour! Parents, grandparents, and kids alike can finally spend that time they want together.

3. See something new

It’s always a good time to make some checkmarks on that bucket list, and for me a lot of those checkmarks come from seeing something new. Are you from the East Coast and have never been west? Cycle Montana – Bozeman will shorten your bucket list substantially. From the west and never been east? Check out the stunning East Coast on our Cape Cod tour!

4. Get off the beaten path

Sometimes, you just need to get off the road and into the woods. If this sounds like fun to anyone, jump on our Great Divide Canada tour. What could be better than riding from Banff, Canada, to Whitefish, Montana, through the scenic and quiet woods?

5. Learn Something

Learning never ends, and when it comes to bicycle touring, there’s always a new tip to be found. Introduce yourself to road touring in Wisconsin and learn how you can break routine, get out with the family, see something new, and get off the beaten path!


Whatever your reason, we hope that you get out and ride this year!

Post by Mike Lessard | Photo 1 by HHM1984 on Flickr | Photo 2 by Joe Loviska | Photo 3 by Tony Docal on Flickr | Photo 4 by Paul Zak on Flickr | Photo 5 by Derek Gallagher

ON THE ROAD is written by the tours team — Lydia, Darrah, Mike, Mandy, and Arlen — tours specialists and intrepid bicyclists, covering all things related to the Adventure Cycling tours department. Check out our 2014 Guided Tours today!


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