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Bike Your Park Day, September 25th, 2021

Rage against the colonization: a bike overnight through Teot

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I decided to share a 190 km circuit surrounding Mexico City; it's about 40% dirt roads and 60% pavement with an easy level of difficulty and with compacted gravel roads that are used to connect small towns.

The route was split in two or three days since it was going to be the first bikepacking-bikecamping experience of our companions. Mexico City is one of the most bigger city in the world, and it stands 2,200 meters above sea level would be the equivalent ___ Mexico City was built on a lake and is characterized by preserving some pre-Hispanic ruins that have been discovered after the Spanish conquest. The Valley of Mexico has a large natural areas with bigs pines, oaks and a diversity of flora and fauna with a nice weather, and that is the landscape that we are going to see during two or three days of riding.

Mileage: 120

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