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Bike Your Park Day, September 25th, 2021

Camp Tejas Dirt Adventure

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Camp Tejas Lake Georgetown

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Ride Description:

This short trip is designed to introduce my 6 year old granddaughter to riding her own bike on a trail. Last year for Bike Your Park Day, my daughter, granddaughter, and grandson rode to Bastrop and back from Austin. That time, my granddaughter rode on the back of my daughters cargo bike while my grandson rode his own bike.

This year, I will ride 23 miles to the trail head and meet my daughter and grandkids. The distance we will ride on the trail to the primitive camping area is only 3 miles, but we want this to be a successful trip. It will give them a taste of trail riding and a chance to build their camping skills.

We're keeping this just to our family since the kids are not old enough to be vaccinated yet.

Mileage: 52

This trip is not open for members of the public to join.

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