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Bike Your Park Day, September 25th, 2021

To the beach and back

Name of Park or Public Land:
Presque Isle State Park

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Ride Description:

All down hill from Belle Valley to the park entrance. Presque Isle is a peninsula that just out into Lake Erie and was formed by the constantly shifting sands of the lake. There is no fee. This is the most popular State Park in PA and the traffic can be heavy in summer however toward the end of September the ride will be a breeze. The flat ride will travel through forests and one will observe marshes, multi use paths, 8 miles of beaches, natural lagoons, house boats, lake sceneries, sunsets and a Coast Guard Station. The park portion of the ride will take about on hour and the loop roadway gives one good views of the natural harbor and also the lake. What goes down must go up as they say because the rid home is all up hill and can be challenging at times. the whole rid will take up about 3.5 to 4 hours from start the finish. First half of the ride is easy the second half is hard.

Mileage: 36

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