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Bike Your Park Day, September 28, 2019

Around Round Valley

Name of Park or Public Land:
Round Valley Regional Preserve (East Bay Regional Park District)

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Ride Description:

Start at 10am at the parking lot. Mostly fire roads. Uphill to get to the valley and then mostly even meadow with the possibility of trampled dirt. This is a lollipop loop with some additional appendices, which I have never explored before, so I'll be hitting all the side trails. It's possible to be sharing the road with cows.

Difficultly level is intermediate due to some steeper climbs, although mostly short.My pace will be very slow. I like to enjoy my surroundings and maybe take some pictures.

My plan. Is tentative due to possible work obligations. This is planned as a meetup type event. We can ride together or everyone at their own pace. Everyone is responsible for their own safety. See link to map below to familiarize yourself with the bike legal trails in the preserve. I intend to ride all bike legal trails available in this preserve.

Here is a link to the map for the preserve:

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