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Bike Your Park Day, September 28, 2019

Peddling The Isle

Name of Park or Public Land:
Presque Isle State Park

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Ride Description:

Traveling north through the city of Erie Pennsylvania to the southern shore of Presque Isle bay. At the bay we will pick up the bayfront bicycle path which snakes its way to the entrance of Presque isle State Park. The loop through the park is about 13 miles long and allows for fabulous views of Presque Isle Bay. The ride travels through historical marshes and woods and skirts along Misery Bay which is where Admiral Perry's fleet of ships were constructed during the war of 1812. These ships were instrumental in defeating the British in the battle of Lake Erie. The road continues and hooks around the end of the peninsula where there is a protected bird sanctuary. From there it is lake views and seven miles of beaches for the rest of the Presque isle tour. This segment of the ride affords some of the best sunsets on all of the Great Lakes. After exiting the park it is a combination of easy to moderate - heavy climb up from the lake level to the starting point 10 miles away.

Mileage: 38

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