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Bike Your Park Day, September 28, 2019

Ride to the Opera!

Name of Park or Public Land:
swede hollow park

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Ride Description:

I will be riding from the Cedar Riverside area of Minneapolis to Swede Hollow park to go to an outdoor operetta! All cyclists in the area are welcome to ride on up to Swede Hollow park at 2pm for a wonderful mashup of Mozart, 1980s New Wave music, and food! Tickets are a suggested $20+ donation, but all are welcomed no matter what they are able (or not able) to pay. Enjoy the great outdoors and ride around the trails of Swede Hollow park or the Mississippi River after the show!

The ride will be on city streets with (protected) bicycle lanes. You are welcome to bring your own group of cyclists from wherever in the metro!

I will be departing around 11:00pm as I am involved in the show and need to arrive early. Any riders wishing to join can lounge in the park pre-show or find a sweet little spot to eat at (or bring a picnic).

Mileage: 11

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