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Bike Your Park Day, September 28, 2019

Mule Deer Trail

Name of Park or Public Land:
Golden Gate Canyon State Park

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Ride Description:

Dirt off-road path of moderate difficulty. Two options; 1) Park at Kriley Overlook and begin on Blue Grouse and head .8 miles to Mule Deer and travel in a clockwise direction for 9.1 miles until you reconnect with Blue Grouse [10.7 miles total] 2) Park at Ole Barn Knoll and jump on Mule Deer and travel the 9.1 mile loop in a clockwise direction.

Any participants wishing to ride in a group can meet at either start point at 9:00, solo riders are welcome throughout the day.

ALL vehicles must have required park pass. Daily pass's are $8 and can be obtained the the Visitor's Center (opens at 8:00) or at any self serve station.

Park Website with map and other information:

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