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Bike Your Park Day, September 28, 2019

Katy Trail State Park -- Bike Your Park Day -- 09-28-19

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Katy Trail State Park

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I will have traveled on the Katy Trail from Clinton, MO, to New Franklin, MO, where I will camp at Katy Trail Roundhouse Campground on the second night of my ride. The surface is crushed limestone and is generally flat, although from Clinton to New Franklin is generally uphill. I made the same trek, my first tour, in October 2018, and I now know a number of things I can do differently and/or better; eat and drink better for one, slow down for another, get up and on the trail earlier to make the miles more enjoyable. After New Franklin I will bike about 160 more miles, to be at the Katy Trail's eastern terminus, Machens, MO, on Monday, October 7.

Mileage: 80

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