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Bike Your Park Day, September 26th, 2020

Saguaro National Park ride

Name of Park or Public Land:
Saguaro National Park West

Number of participants:

Ride Description:

Planning to leave from home in NorthWest Tucson in the early morning and head toward downtown via

The Loop bike path. Have breakfast downtown before heading West and riding over Gates Pass and into Saguaro National Park West. Stopping off at the visitor center for a break and water refill before heading North on Sandario Road, then East on Twin Peaks toward home.

Will be riding at a moderate pace, approx 10-12mph, will be always on paved roads or multi use path. Some roads do not have a dedicated bike path. Total elevation gain will be approx 1600-1700', with Gates Pass being the most strenuous portion of the ride.

Mileage: 50

Registration for this event is currently closed. Check back soon for the launch of Bike Your Park Day for 2020!

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