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Bike Your Park Day, September 28, 2019

peaceful day of riding

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schuylkill river park

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I live about 7 miles from green lane park. After arriving there we will travel along the perkiomen river to the schuylkill river trail which leads many places. We will travel along the river to the Philadelphia art museum. From there we will cut along the Delaware river where its always fun to ride atop the Ben Franklin bridge and look along the waterway. From there, on to the queens village for brunch where you can always get a death by carbs breakfast at a local eatery. After sitting outside and digesting a bit of the food, it's on to south street and manyunk for a little people watching. I'm getting a little older, but sometimes its fun trying to ride up "the wall". I still don't know how the pro riders go up that hill as many times as they do. But its fun to do it. You definitely feel the bottom of your lungs by the time you get to the top. Well, as you can guess its, time now for a bit of a rest, maybe a coffee, and then the ride home. We'll sleep well tonight.

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