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Bike Your Park Day, September 28, 2019

Turners/FellowsLake Loop

Name of Park or Public Land:
Fellows Lake Park

Number of participants:

Ride Description:

the entire ride will be paved; a combination of farm roads and highway shoulder

The Springfield Area is NOT flat, it's rolling hills of moderate difficulty. I guarantee this is a no-rider-left behind because I am NOT a fast rider

We'll start from McDaniel park in Springfield, ride to Turners for lunch, continuing on to Fellows Lake to enjoy the view and MAYBE cool our feet in the lake at the boat launch. The ride will finish by riding back to McDaniel park via a different route

If you're a Springfield Cyclist then you will have traveled these roads many times. The difference is that this is a LEISURELY ride, not a race. We'll enjoy the end of summer weather, the view, the food and good company.

Please bring plenty of water, sunscreen might be needed too and certainly bring $$ for lunch

There are NO fees

Mileage: 39

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