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Bike Your Park Day, September 25th, 2021

Fish Creek loop

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Saratoga Spa State Park

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Bikeatoga has constructed a 15 mile Bicycle tour that take the riders along S. Broadway to Union St. out to Fish creek, viewing The Saratoga National Golf Course and the beautiful home of War Dancer along the way. 10 a.m. After crossing the Fish Creek bridge the riders might be interested in stopping off at the Kayak Shack landing to watch some boats traversing the creek along with activities that may be taking place at the Saratoga Crew boat houses. Proceeding to the next right hand turn the 15 mile riders will enjoy a nice long stretch on Fitch Rd past pictorial country homes, farms and the famous McMahon of Thoroughbred Racing now raising some of the finest thoroughbred horses in the country. Turning right and heading down hill to Saratoga Lake and then right onto 9P riders will have a chance to quench their thirst or indulge in a delicious ice cream dessert at Stewarts before heading back on Crescent St. to finish up at the Gideon Putnam Resort. Email Dan at

Mileage: 15

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