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National Bike Travel Weekend, June 3-5, 2016

Pedal to the Kettle

Start Location:
Lake Geneva, WI

Number of participants:

Ride Description:

We'll be riding the roads in southern Wisconsin from my sisters house in Lake Geneva, to the southern unit of the Kettle Morraine State Forest.

It will be my first trip into the Kettle Morraine by bicycle, and only my second trip ever to the Kettle. I went through the Northern Unit on my first ever bike trip, SAGBRAW, in 2006. It will be my sisters first ever bike overnight. We'll be camping in the Ottawa Lake Campground.

Friday details:
Mileage: 0

Saturday details:
Mileage: 40
Saturday overnight location:

Kettle Morraine State Forest Southern Unit, Ottawa Lake Campground

Sunday details:
Mileage: 40


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