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Thank you for being part of an amazing weekend of bike travel this year! Check out a great wrap-up at our Member News page! We hope to see you register for Bike Your Park Day on September 24th, 2022 - registration will open soon! 

Bike Travel Weekend, June 3 - 5, 2022

Porch to Park Ride

Start Location
Jimi Hendrix Park - 2400 S Massachusetts St
Number of participants
Ride Description

So you want to ride during bike Travel Weekend, but don't want to drive to your start point, or maybe your schedule is tight and can only do one evening, ...or you want your adventure to start from your porch. THIS IS THE RIDE FOR YOU!

When & Where: We will meet at 11AM Saturday June 4 at Jimi Hendrix Park (2400 S Massachusetts St, Seattle, WA 98144). The group will leave at 11:30AM SHARP.

The Ride: We will ride roughly 35 miles to Kanaskat-Palmer State Park. The route is 100% paved and will follow Lake Washington as we head south We will pass through Renton, jump on the Cedar River Trail, till we turn onto the roads leading to the park.

Camping: WA State Parks have a no turn away policy for hikers/bikers. We will show up and stay where there is room. We may be in a campsite, Rangers front lawn, or a remote site. We will have access to water.

Return to Seattle: Sunday morning June 5 wheels will hit the pavement at 9 AM. We will take a similar route back but will head east along Lake Washington Blvd. bringing us home while passing through Mercer Island vis the i90 Trail. about 37 miles.

Ride Details: This is a no drop ride. What does that mean? Well it means we will stay together as a group. We may become spread out on the hills. Don't worry, you have not been left behind, we will regroup at the top of all big climbs/efforts. Otherwise we ride as fast as the slowest person. This is not a "training ride", we will be taking our time and stop for breaks as the groups needs.

You will be responsible for all food, water, hygiene, mechanical/tools, and items you may need at camp. Please plan accordingly. We are all riding our bikes to the campsite, which means everyone will be carrying what they need with little room for extras. This means, snacks, dinner, breakfast, toilet paper, flat kit, cook kit, etc. You need to be self sufficient. Of course our collective knowledge is available to lend a hand or answer questions as needed. A GPS Map and file will be shared to all participants.

So what are you waiting for? Come hang out with some awesome bike people, make new friends, ride a new route, and/or try bike camping for the first time.

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Registration for this event is currently closed. Check back soon for the launch of Bicycle Travel Weekend for 2023!

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