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Thank you for being part of an amazing weekend of bike travel this year! Check out a great wrap-up at our Member News page! We hope to see you register for Bike Your Park Day on September 24th, 2022 - registration will open soon! 

Bike Travel Weekend, June 3 - 5, 2022

Honoring the Western Express Route - Auburn to Benicia

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Auburn, CA
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The route is predominantly paved roads and paved bike paths (American River) with a relative easy elevation profile. The second day is possibly long and hot. The first night stay is at Folsom SRA, at Beals campground. The second night is optional, and is at a hiker/biker site near Winters, CA.

There is the option to make it a two-day trip, for example ending the second day at Sacramento or Davis, if you are not comfortable with the uncertainty of an unreserved hiker/biker site. The last day is going home for me to Benicia, but Martinez just across the bridge has an Amtrak station, or Vallejo has a ferry to San Francisco.

Getting to Auburn on the first day may be tricky, since Amtrak only services one daily train each direction, and at less than convenient times, which may require arriving the day before.

The fee for the first night ($41) will be shared evenly. I'll be driving from Benicia, CA using a rental car and can bring one additional participant, which means we would be sharing that cost (~$150/2). If I can find a better transportation solution this would change. Everyone is on their own for food and any other expenses. Contact me for the route.

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Registration for this event is currently closed. Check back soon for the launch of Bicycle Travel Weekend for 2023!

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