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Bike Travel Weekend, June 3 - 5, 2022

Home Again Home Again Jiggity Jog

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New Rochelle, NY
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I plan to ride from my home in Westchester County to my mother's house in Rockland County, Friday, after work. On Saturday, I will ride to Nyack and across the TZ Bridge (aka Mario Cuomo to some) and back. I may meet up with friends for part/all of this, and I may opt to lengthen the ride depending on weather and how I'm feeling. On Sunday, we will drive up to Maine and will have the bike along. I hope to unwind after the trip with a short ride.

The initial route will be largely along the South County Trail, which is mostly paved and I expect there will be a good portion of riding on roads and on some unpaved terrain to get there. The route to the bridge will be on roads and then bike path. I may have to identify an alternate road route to avoid the off-road portion that won't be fun on skinny tires. I expect the riding in Maine to be on-road, paved.

My bike overnight will get extended through to Thursday since we'll be at an air B&B once we are in Maine. Looking forward to exploring the roads there a bit and finding nice spots to swim and relax, and have som lobstah rolls!

Friday details

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Friend's house or friend's backyard

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Friend's house or friend's backyard

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