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Bike Travel Weekend, June 3 - 5, 2022

The French Experience

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Le Mont-Saint-Michel
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This is a portion of our tour from Paris to Istanbul. This bike travel weekend we will be riding from Le Mont-Saint Michael to the western most point of France at Corson north of Brest. This portion of our ride will follow the Euro Cycle route 4 Central Europe route from Saint-Michael to Morliax France from here we will follow several cycle GPS routes to Corson.

After this bicycle travel weekend we will be heading to Saint-Nazaire and following Euro Cycle route 6 Rivers route to the Black Sea. This entire trip will take approximately 4 months and if you contact me with your start point I will let you know when I am traveling through the area.

This trip will involve camping and motel stays and is a moderate experience level sense we will be following mostly developed bicycle trails.

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