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Thank you for being part of an amazing weekend of bike travel this year! Check out a great wrap-up at our Member News page! We hope to see you register for Bike Your Park Day on September 24th, 2022 - registration will open soon! 

Bike Travel Weekend, June 3 - 5, 2022

Beargrass Beatdown - supported overnighter

Start Location
Beargrass Bicycles, Hood River, OR
Number of participants
Ride Description

This supported overnight trip will begin in Hood River. Our route up to the 44 Trails network will include a mix of short sections of pavement, singletrack trail, and dirt fire road. We will plan on camping in the Knebal Springs Campground. We start the Sunday with a loop on the 44 Trails, possibly including the 8-mile loop or the 450 trail. We will then make our way back toward Hood River via Surveyors Ridge Trail, the Kitchen Sink trails, and then a climb up and over Middle Mountain via Gilhouley Rd. Mountain bikes are recommended for this ride.

This is a supported overnighter. Each participant will be able to have a bag of clothes, sleeping items, and supplies shuttled from Beargrass Bicycles to the campground location. We will also have extra water at the campground. We will supply some dinner and breakfast options but those with specific dietary restrictions should consider bringing there own food items. Participants should plan to supply there own mid-ride snacks.

We also encourage those with significant others, partners, and/or kids who cant make the ride to meet at the campground and participate in the camping portion.

This ride is open to everyone. There are no costs or fees but we recommend that you register for this ride beforehand by calling Beargrass Bicycles at 541-436-4591 or sending an email to

The routes for each day can be found here (might vary slightly):

Day 1:

Day 2:

Saturday details

Saturday overnight location


Sunday details


Registration for this event is currently closed. Check back soon for the launch of Bicycle Travel Weekend for 2023!

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