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Bike Travel Weekend, June 3 - 5, 2022

Trail Riding Weekend Bike and Camp Weekend

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Hubley Nova Scotia Canada
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We (Son and Father best life buddies) will leave Hubley and get on the Rum Runners Coastal trail (old railroad route) and have coffee at Bike and Bean restaurant in an old railroad car and caboose, then ride the trail to Hubbards and have lunch (great Soup, Fresh baked bread, possible Avocado and Brie Cheese sandwich) at the Trellis Cafe. Then we go up to East River and pick a spot by the river and rapids to do a wilderness camping overnight. The next day we may stop at the scenic Castle Rock site for a good walk and climb break, then head to the Provincial Park at Graves Island for the night. But before the night camping, we will ride to Chester and go have a feast of great food at the Kiwi Café not to mention their great pie for desert. The next day we ride back to Hubley on the same trail. Last year we did this trail trip back in full Rain Showers accompanied with Thunder and Lightning and it was just great, so will see how it goes this year. We thought of trying something new further down the trail but why not do something great a second time.

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