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Thank you for being part of an amazing weekend of bike travel this year! Check out a great wrap-up at our Member News page! We hope to see you register for Bike Your Park Day on September 24th, 2022 - registration will open soon! 

Bike Travel Weekend, June 3 - 5, 2022

New England 300

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Greenfield, MA
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Join me for 5 days, 4 nights (3 campground nights with shower and 1 basic) from 6/1 to 6/5, exploring my redesigned 257 miles "New England 300" bikepacking route, finishing on the Bike Travel Weekend.

Starting from the Greenfield, MA, municipal covered parking garage (affordable), we head towards the black bear country VT Green Mountains and loop back through the beautiful MA Franklin County. Daily mileage is ranging from 30 (last day) to 65 miles (fourth day), depending on the day. The terrain is very hilly, 58% of it includes mostly compact gravel and some rough 4x4 roads, I recommend 45mm solid gravel tires bare minimum, personally I ride 2.2" XC tires on a drop bars bike. However, a fat bike would be too slow unless you are a strong rider, if you ride a fat bike, consider fast rolling narrower tires.

Good physical condition and some bikepacking experience is highly recommended to tackle some serious mileage, long days on the saddle, 19,000 ft of combined ascent and a gnarly, probably wet, 2-mile hike-a-bike at the end of day 2 at mile 102 (I do not know that section, it is part of the "exploration").

Space is limited by campground sites availability so advance registration is necessary as early as possible; sites will be shared in space and cost (inexpensive). You must be a self-sufficient rider able to carry everything you need for 5 days like if you were on your own, including power, but not food, we will stop to resupply daily. I won't "cook" but buy prepared food on the go instead, yet, participants can carry a stove if they prefer, just not needed. I usually avoid sit-in restaurants because it takes too long but I planned two sit-in breakfasts on day 2 (Bennington VT) and 3 (Dorset VT) and an early sit-in lunch / late breakfast on day 4 (Londonderry VT).

I will carry a bear spray and an active InReach tracker which you can share with your loved one if they wanted to follow us. I also stop often and briefly to document my trips taking lots of photos, bring a camera! Rain or shine, be prepared for rain, early June can be wet. I would cancel if there was too much bad weather (unlikely).


This is not an "organized tour" in any ways like the ACA is known for, but a "buddies group ride" open to the public. I do not provide any services but basic group organization and lead, and the route of my design. I have ridden some of the route before but not all of it, so by freely joining, you understand that we will be "beta testing" this route, with a small risk of last-minute rerouting due to possible mapping errors. Please study the map closely before registering or asking questions. Ride on.

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Registration for this event is currently closed. Check back soon for the launch of Bicycle Travel Weekend for 2023!

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