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Bike Travel Weekend, June 4 - 6, 2021

Worcester AMC Otter River 8th Annual Beginner Cycle Tour

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Central Massachusetts
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The Worcester Chapter of the Appalachian Mountain Club presents a yearly seminar (May 1st) on How to get started cycling touring <> followed a month later with this tour on Bike Travel Weekend for workshop attendees, past and present.

Otter River- June 5th & 6th. Leader- Denny. This long standing "Easy+" two day tour was originally developed to give the touring seminar participants a chance to try their newfound skills. With a thirty five mile destination with no "killer" hills, pleasant country roads, and overnight camping in one of the nicest state parks in Massachusetts has made this a enjoyable tour for many, from beginners to seasoned riders, and a tour we look forward to. 35 +/- mpd Equally shared campground costs

   Pros- Beginner trip that's close by and only 2 days long

   Cons- No Killer hills, but it's still in New England and far from flat.

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