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Bike Travel Weekend, June 4 - 6, 2021

Grand Tour of Ohio - Italian Cities in Ohio

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Rome, Richland County, Ohio
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My challenge for 2020, 2021 and beyond is to complete a "grand tour" of cities in Ohio named after European capitols. I have already been to Paris, Marseille, and Versailles. This June I will be travelling through Italy. This trip will cover Rome, Milan, Florence and Parma. Later this year I will be travelling to Mantua, Lodi and Ravenna.

Current plan is to start at Fowler Woods nature preserve near Rome, Richland County, Ohio, ride to Milan, Ohio, proceed to Florence, and from there to Parma. From Parma, back to Rome by a southerly route.

The ride will be on both roads and trails, the North Coast Inland Trail from Wakeman to Elyria, and the Big Creek Trail from Middleburg Heights to Parma.

Total of approximately 150 miles. Three day trip, planning approximately 50 slow miles per day. Overnight sites not determined yet. Route not tested yet either, subject to change. For current information visit my blog

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