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Bike Travel Weekend, June 4 - 6, 2021

Some gravel, some city, some hills, some country lanes.

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North Austin
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We'll start out at Walnut Creek park in North Austin and head east to Manor. Arterial roads with shoulders/bike lanes - mostly. Manor to Bastrop is on quiet FM and County roads as well as some gravel. Camp in Bastrop State Park. Return to Austin on modified and quieter version of Southern Tier route. South Austin back to start is on stroads with bike lanes and neighborhood streets.

Rolling hills on most of the route. Mostly paved, but there is about 5 miles of gravel. Route chosen to maximize comfort and safety, but some skill and confidence in traffic will be necessary. That said, my 9 yo grandson did just fine on the worst parts of it.

I'm making this public assuming the pandemic dangers are much reduced by June.

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