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Bike Travel Weekend, June 1-3, 2018

Hopi Mesa-Navajo Nation Exploration!

Start Location:
Hopi Cultural Center, Second Mesa, Arizona Highway 264

Number of participants:

Ride Description:

This route will take riders over some of the coolest, remote and beautiful roads you can find in Northern Arizona. We'll start at the Hopi Cultural Center, situated on Second Mesa, where one can stay on Friday night. The ride will begin on pavement, transition to dirt & into the Navajo Reservation. Day 1 finished on pavement.

Overnight is in Chinle, Arizona, where, if your legs are up for it, we can hike down into Canyon de Chelly to White House ruin. Recommended overnight spot is the Thunderbird Lodge.

Day 2 will start off on pavement, then venture off on a new dirt road. Near the end of the dirt there will be an option to climb onto First Mesa (dirt) then descend on pavement to AZ HWY 264. The ride concludes with about 15 miles back to the Hopi Cultural Center, and a nice climb onto 2nd Mesa.

Dirt is doable on a mountain or cross bike. A road bike is questionable. Route and exact mileage will be available upon request & happy to help with accommodation recommendations.

Friday details:
Mileage: 0
Friday overnight location:


Saturday details:
Mileage: 78
Saturday overnight location:


Sunday details:
Mileage: 80


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