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Bike Travel Weekend, May 31 - June 2, 2019

Green Machine Gravel Mashing Getaway

Start Location:
Green Machine Cycles, 1634 W Montrose Ave., Chicago

Number of participants:

Ride Description:

We are organizing another awesome multi-surface, multi-modal route, as per last year. We will take a Metra train to [a great, as yet undisclosed location] and, from there, ride to a campground in a lovely nearby area, either Illinois or Wisconsin. Two nights of camping, two days of transit, one day in the middle to do whatever you want, day ride, chill out, climb trees, whatever. The route will not be especially challenging topographically, aside from the mileage, but this won't be a fast ride. Plenty of stops for coffee, ice cream, looking at farms and rocks, etc. Sunday will likely be a longer day, but this is still in the works. Stay tuned for details, which should be posted by mid-April.

Number of participants: 10

Friday details:
Mileage: 65
Friday overnight location:


Saturday details:
Mileage: 40
Saturday overnight location:


Sunday details:
Mileage: 80

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