Bike Travel Weekend

Treat yourself and go on a bike overnight with family and friends, by yourself, or with a big group, on the same weekend as thousands of others throughout the world—Bike Travel Weekend, June 1 – 3, 2018. Bike Travel Weekend can be a low-cost bikepacking trip in the woods, a family-friendly adventure on paved bike paths to a developed campground, or a pampered weekend at a fancy hotel. Make it an adventure that works for you.

Registration is free and everyone who registers by May 27 will be entered to win a Co-Motion Cycles Divide bike and Amtrak tickets to Glacier National Park and will receive a Bike Travel Weekend sticker in the mail. 

Click on the icons below for how-to and promotional resources and start planning YOUR Bike Travel Weekend.

“New scenery. New friends. New achievements. Savor every moment, even the tough ones.
Later you’ll remember them with smiles.” 
–2016 Bike Travel Weekend participant

Photos 1, 2 & 3 by Tom Robertson | Photo 4 by Lisa McKinney.

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