Ambassador Program

Do you want to share your love of bicycle travel with others? In-person presentations are not recommended right now due to national and local COVID-19 guidelines. But you can teach and inspire others how to go on a bike overnight by giving an online presentation. 

With many of us at home right now, this is a great opportunity to introduce bicycle travel to friends, family, and acquaintances. 

How it works:

1.    We send you a PowerPoint presentation titled How to Go on A Bike Overnight and instructions on how to give it online.
2.    We’ll send you media sharing tools and tips on how to get people to show up for your online presentation.
3.    You schedule your online presentation and invite friends, family, and others to join you.
4.    We’ll send you a link to share with your audience to sign up for free memberships and subscribe to email newsletters.
5.    You give a stellar presentation that inspires people to go on a bike overnight.
6.    We’ll mail you an Ambassador patch as a thank-you gift.

Check out the recordings of presentations Ambassadors have given to see how it's done and to get ideas.

Email to get started!

Photo courtesy of WOCinTech Chat.