Take It Easy, Take a Rest Day

May 31st, 2019

This may surprise you, but touring cyclists don’t ride every single day of their tour. It’s important to take breaks during an extended trip, to give your body time to recover. It’s recommended to take at least one “rest day,” or a day when you don’t ride, every 7 to 10 days during your bike tour. 

Rest days are an opportunity to run errands and see the sights. If possible, take your rest day in a place that sparks your interest. It’s an opportunity to make the most of your adventure and to explore the world around you. 

Perhaps the town has much-needed amenities, such as a bike shop or laundromat, or maybe you’ve heard rave reviews about a certain restaurant or day hike in the area. However you choose to spend your rest day, ride your bicycle as little as possible. 

Rest day coffee while bike touring photo by Saara Snow
Whether spent sightseeing, doing laundry, or treating yourself to a warm meal and coffee at a restaurant, taking some rest days during your bike tour will go a long way in re-charging your body and mind for the road ahead. 
Saara Snow

Common Rest Day Activities

  • Sightseeing
  • Hiking, swimming, kayaking, or other non-cycling activities
  • Laundry
  • Bathing (some gyms, recreation centers, or public pools offer showers at little or no cost)
  • Email and Internet usage (if you don’t have a smartphone, some public libraries offer the use of their computers for a limited time)
  • Route research
  • Grocery shopping
  • Getting your bicycle tuned or repaired at a local bike shop
  • Mailing postcards and packages
  • Calling & catching up with loved ones 
  • Treating yourself to a movie, music concert, or live theater performance

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