TransAmerica Bicycle Trail Resources

Cyclists on the Montana section of the TransAm

Adventure Cycling Association is the largest membership cycling organization in North America. The TransAmerica Trail was Adventure Cycling's first route and the first-ever mapped cycling route across the U.S. Established in 1976 for Adventure Cycling's celebration of the U.S. bicentennial, it remains the greatest and most used route to cross America by bicycle.

Below is a round up of resources to inspire and help prepare you to ride the TransAmerica Trail (or another route).

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TransAm Basics

Read a detailed description of the TransAmerica Trail or order TransAm maps now.

Just getting started as a bicycle traveler? Learn more in our How To Department. You many also be interested in our Intro to Road Touring courses.

Discussion Forums

Log into our discussion forums to post questions and get answers (or offer advice) about the TransAmerica Trail or any of our other routes.

Guided Tours

Not ready to embark on a solo TransAm adventure? Check out our self-contained and supported TransAm guided tour options.

Transam Trail Pioneers

Here are a few articles (and one fun video!) to get you inspired for your TransAm experience.

"Great Trips: Biking the TransAmerica Trail," National Geographic Traveler, September 2010. Make the leap from commuting to traveling cyclist.

Brett Taylor's view of the TransAm posted on YouTube (watch below) guides you on a virtual tour of the TransAm in less than 7 minutes! Get a glimpse of what to expect on your TransAmerica adventure.

"TransAmerica Q&A - How to Budget," An Adventure Called Bicycling, February 2010. One perspective on bugdeting for your adventure.

"Iris in the Heartland," The Brooklyn Rail, July 2010. Brooklyn teen who used the TransAm to travel to her first year of college on the West Coast.

"Montana," blog post from MidLife Cyclist. Details of one man's experience with the Montana portion of the TransAmerica Trail. Overall this blog provides a very readable chronicle of the TransAm journey.

Shots from the Road

Check out photos from our Adventure Cycling Route Network group on Flickr for inspiring images shared by cyclists from their adventures on the TransAmerica Trail and our other routes.

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Photo by Tom Robertson