Club Tour Discount

Many clubs organize and post rides on their websites for members to join. For 2018, we would like you to offer Adventure Cycling tours to our member clubs* in the same way as you would offer rides organized within your group. As a thank you, we will offer one free tour registration for every four registrations originating from your club — a 20-percent discount for each person in a group of 5!

Here is what you have to do:

  • Identify a single individual in your club that will act as your Adventure Cycling ride organizer. We will work with the ride organizer in providing web content or print content for the tour description. The organizer should then call the Adventure Cycling tours department (800-755-2453 x3) to register for the bike club tour promotion, and choose the tours that they wish to promote to their members. We will need the name, email, and phone number of the organizer, along with your bike club's website.
  • Have your members sign-up for the Adventure Cycling tours offered by your club using the web links on our website.
  • Once we are within 90 days of the tour's departure and all club member registrations are paid in full, we will send the organizer a link for each of their complimentary registrations (1 free registration for every 4 paid registrations). Of course, we will save a spot(s) on the tour for the complimentary registrations.
  • This is a great way for your club members to experience the wonders of an Adventure Cycling tour without having to do very much organizing. We take care of the tour details.

You can promote all of our fully supported and family fun tours to your club!


Thank you for being a member club with Adventure Cycling Association. We offer resources, information, and energy to help clubs strengthen promotion of their club and bicycling in general.

We look forward to working and riding with you in the future!

*Club membership with Adventure Cycling is only $80! Sign up your club today!

Photo by Dennis Coello