Bike Overnights

Don’t wait to go cross-country. Go overnight. is a website dedicated to providing inspiration, resources, and tools for taking one- to two-night bicycle tours. We believe that most riders, once they experience overnight adventure — whether they pitch their tent at a state-forest campground or snuggle under a down comforter in an elegant B&B — will eventually want to tackle a longer tour, or prepare for more bicycle adventures close to home. After all, a quick escape from the routine is a far better adventure than no adventure at all.

See what readers have to say:

“What a delightful account of your journey. Makes me want to do it too!”

–Janie, on Alan Gossard’s The Covered Bridges of Sugar Creek, Indiana

“Your story was wonderful to read, highlighting the fact cycling can be affordable and available for all. … In recent years, I have begun to see more and more African Americans take on this recreational activity. It warms my heart, as we’ve a history of diabetes [and] hypertension in our communities.”

–Tracy, on Julian Hadley’s St. Louis Solo, on a Single Speed

“Thanks for sharing this great story! Promoting a healthy active lifestyle and bonding with your child—life doesn’t get much better than that. Max is fortunate to have you as a father.”

–Jeff, on Dave Buchanan’s To the Sugar Shack and Back: An Alberta Overnight

Resources and Tools

In addition to tales of overnight discovery, includes a substantial and growing archive of recipes & meal ideas, gear reviews, how-tos, and plenty of travel tips. There is even a collection of dog-friendly overnights, and a few video stories.


Check out our Bike Overnights Flickr Group, where cyclists share their adventures from around the world in living color.

Spend a few moments on searching for short tours in your state and you may find yourself planning your own quick getaway on two wheels. When you go, don’t forget to shoot some photos and jot down a few notes so that you may add your outing to our growing list of stories. Who knows? You may be the one who inspires the next bike overnight adventurer.

Photo by Tyler Kellen