Adventure Cycling 2017 Calendar

Inspire yourself each month with the Adventure Cycling 2017 Calendar. Featuring some of the best shots from our annual Bicycle Travel Photo Contest, this impressive collection of bike-touring images will spark the travel bug in any cyclist

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Photos by Mieke Oey (Cover), Denise Blanchard (IFC), Greg Siple (Open Road Gallery), Jan Zdanky (January), Pei Ting Tham (February), Amy Klepetar (March), Susanne van Aardenna & Martin Lohmann Moller (April), Paola Ojeda (May), Wendy Bristol (June), Jean-Phillip Tournut (July), Denise Blanchard (August), Cameron Bristol (September), Luc Fontolliet (October), Niko Kroeger (November), Sarah Zentack and (December)