REASON 7: Forty Years of Experience & 50,000 Cyclists Strong!

We are the Bicycle Travel Experts

From humble beginnings to a powerhouse cycling group: 

Adventure Cycling Association was born of an idea while four intrepid cyclists were riding bicycles from Alaska to Argentina in the early 70s. We launched in 1976 with an event named Bikecentennial, during which more than 4000 cyclists rode across the country on the TransAmerica Trail to celebrate the U.S. bicentennial. Adventure Cycling has grown from four to 50,000+ members over the past 40 years and today provides the best resources and most amazing inspiration to cyclists all over the world. 


“After retiring last year, I had the time to fulfill a longtime dream of doing a coast-to-coast ride. I chose the Southern Tier route and found it to be a life-changing adventure. I met so many great people along the route, and I can honestly say that it has impacted me in a very positive way in many aspects of my life. Once you get a taste of the exhilaration that comes with the successful completion of such a challenge, you have a real drive to see what more is out there to accomplish. So many of the riders that I met ‘on the road’ were leading amazing lives filled with travel and adventure.

“I am proud to support Adventure Cycling and all of the good work that you do making bike travel a part of so many people’s lives. With your maps, you have done the hard part. All we need to do is pedal!”
 - Adventure Cycling member M.M. Sioux Falls, SD