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Big news for the U.S. Bicycle Route System. We're happy to announce the 2021 Spring U.S. Bicycle Route designations! These 18 new routes and two realignments add 2,903 miles to the growing USBRS bringing the total miles in the network to 17,734.
We're so lucky to have Ambassador Roxy Robles (she/her) presenting "An Introduction to Bike Touring!". Learn more about Roxy's experiences, donkeys, the best snacks on the road (salty, please!), and her controversial shoulder season ...
Aug 23, 2021
Over 5,000 people went on more than 700 bike overnights during the first weekend in June for Bike Travel Weekend. Rides were planned in all 50 U. S. states, six Canadian provinces, and 15 countries across the globe. “It was my first time ...
Meet Carmen Aiken! Carmen is Adventure Cycling's Bike Overnights Event Coordinator and wants to make bike travel accessible and inclusive for every member of the community. They're excited to get started! Get to know Carmen here!
The beginning of 2021 brings with it five new U.S. Bicycle Routes across the country with new states North Dakota and New York. These routes add almost 300 miles to the growing U.S. Bicycle Route System!
It’s a tough time for Amtrak with the pandemic reducing ridership, so we were happy to get some good news - bike services are expanding!
Sep 22, 2020
From 160 miles of linked rail trails across the Midwest to 10,000 feet of climbing across the Sierra Nevada mountains, we are excited to announce new U.S. Bicycle Routes in Wisconsin and California!
They approach as strangers and leave as friends; they make us feel at home when we're far away from everything that is familiar. They are the heart of the bike travel community, even though many of them may never have traveled by bike. Trail ...
Hundreds of members responded to our recent survey asking how the pandemic is affecting their bicycle travel plans. Read the results and add your own response.
May 6, 2020
If you’ve traveled anywhere on your bike, you’ve likely met a Trail Angel. The stranger who offers you a place to stay when you had no other options, or someone who helped with critical bike repairs in the middle of nowhere. We want to ...
Apr 30, 2020