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Bike Bits Vol. 1, No. 13, February 8, 2000 
This is the thirteenth issue of Bike Bits, Adventure Cycling's on-line 
bicycle bulletin, published bi-monthly. You've received Bike Bits 
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"Bicycles may change, but cycling is timeless." -Zapata Espinoza 

Adventure Cycling's Cascade Peaks ride is a little-known gem. Limited in 
size to 150 riders, this eight-day tour takes you through some of the 
most achingly beautiful scenery in the lower 48. The tour starts in 
Redmond, just outside Seattle, and winds through the Snoqualmie River 
Valley into the Cascade Mountains. Highlights of the ride are the 
abundance of fresh fruit available and the Bavarian village of 
Leavenworth, as well-known for its local breweries as for its scenery. 
The cost of this adventure, which will run from July 8  July 15, is only 
$600. For more information, or to sign up, contact Adventure Cycling's 
Tours Director, Brian Martindale., 
or see our website at 

Legislation pending before the Washington state legislature that would 
change the language of certain statutes regarding cycling on roadways in 
important ways. House Bill 3040 would require bicyclists using a roadway 
to ride in a bike lane or on the shoulder, if such facilities exist. The 
bill would also require bicyclists to ride single-file, unless they are 
using bike facilities (bike lanes, shoulders, trails). The bill has been 
referred to the House Transportation Committee for consideration. For 
more information about this bill contact the Bicycle Alliance of 
Washington at  or see their web 
site at   Also on their site, there is a 
link to an interesting article entitled "The Real Price of Gas". 

Well, why not? We came across Two Wheel Fetish quite by accident. It is 
a quirky, thought-provoking ezine. And not really about any sort of 
weird fetishism, which made us only a little sad. What it is, though, is 
a collection of interesting essays, with titles like Retrogrouch: The 
Commercialization of a Retrograde Technology; or How Product Excellence 
and Integrity Sometimes Means Foregoing Innovation and Growth, and In 
Praise of Cheap Bicycles. The unifying theme of this publication is the 
relationship of the bicycle to the larger society. Check it out at 

The 21st edition of The Cyclists' Yellow Pages goes to press this week. 
Updated annually, the Cyclists' Yellow Pages is the most complete 
reference guide available for recreational cyclists, and there's only 
one way to get it...become an Adventure Cycling Association member. To 
sign up, go to our website at 

Odyssey 2000, the Tim Kneeland Associates sponsored around the world in 
366 days tour is in Central America, working its way south. They have 
posted a small photo gallery at their site at . Some of our members who are 
on the trip have emailed to let us know they are alive and well, 
somewhere in Costa Rica. 

ACA is entering into a cooperative agreement with The Big Ride, The 
American Lung Assoc., for the second year. Each person who signs up to 
participate in The Big Ride, a cross country adventure designed to raise 
money for The American Lung Assoc., will receive a free 6-month 
Adventure Cycling Association membership. ACA will send them info on 
how to prepare for their trip and send them monthly magazines to get 
them excited about their future adventure. Check out their web page.  contact them at 

The Oprah Winfry site has a page about her show titled "In the Works", 
which asks the seemingly loaded question "Should there be a law making 
it illegal for bike riders to ride on city streets?" Users are invited 
to comment. We think you should. See it at 

The most efficient animal on earth in terms of weight transported over 
distance for energy expended is a human on a bicycle. The most efficient 
machine on earth in terms of weight transported over distance for energy 
expended is a human on a bicycle. This is from a site hosted by Jeff 
Napier, a bicycle mechanic and former bike shop owner in Florence, 
Oregon. The official title of the site is  "Bicycle Repair: a Free 
Internet Presentation That Shows You How to Fix Bikes." It's written in 
language so simple that even we could understand it. See it at 

Rich Olken, Executive Director of Bikes Belong Coalition, announced that 
the bicycle, a simple mechanical marvel, has been named the Invention of 
the Millennium. "Nothing else even comes close", Olken noted, "it 
changed industry and society. The bicycle is even responsible for the 
emancipation, enfranchisement, and equality of half our population, and 
now we realize that it is a major component in the solutions to our 
problems with gridlock, pollution, obesity, and other societal ills." 
Bikes Belong is a major source of funding for bicycle projects. Recent 
grants include helping fund the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition's work 
on the Citywide Bicycle Network and a grant to Friends of the Katy Trail 
in Dallas, Texas. For grant application materials and other news about 
the Coalition check out their website at 

End Bike Bits Vol. 1, No. 13 
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