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Bike Bits Vol. 1, No. 12, January  25, 2000
This is the twelfth issue of Bike Bits, Adventure Cycling's on-line
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"The world lies right beyond the handlebars of any bicycle."  
Daniel Behrman, "The Man Who Loved Bicycles"

The 11th International Conference on Bicycling and Walking will be in
Philadelphia this year. The conference and related training programs
will take place between the 5th and the 9th of September, 2000. The
focus of  this year's meeting will be on the actions needed to make
communities and neighborhoods more bicycle friendly, and how agencies
and advocates can work toward these goals.

The Conference has issued a call for abstracts on the following topics:

*  Land Use and Community Planning
*  Bicycle and Pedestrian Facility Planning
*  Transportation Facility Design and Maintenance
*  Traffic Safety and Injury Prevention
*  Advocacy for Bicycling and Walking
*  Public Health and Physical Activity
*  Trails, Greenways and Open Space
*  Government Policy and Legislation
*  Professional Skill Development

To submit an abstract, visit the "Conference" section of the NCBW's
website, and use the on-line submission form.

Adventure Cycling will be providing maps for the Tour de Cure this
spring. Tour de Cure is an annual fundraiser organized by the American
Diabetes Association. With support from The Bicycle Council, Adventure
Cycling will create route maps for the seventy venues of the Tour. Carla
Majernik, Routes and Mapping Coordinator for the Association, says that
the project "represents an opportunity for the organization to give something 
back to the cycling community, and promote a worthy cause at the same 
time." The project is being funded by The Bicycle Council and by Adventure
Cycling's Critical Pathways Fund.

Spring riding is great, but keeping dry and warm is essential. Adventure
Cycling offers a comprehensive selection of rainwear by Burley in the
Cyclosource, our online catalog.

An apple a day, it seems, not only keeps the doctor away, it also improves 
breathing and lung function. A recently released study attributes this 
beneficial effect to the presence of certain flavonoids in apples.

Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong has won the 2000 Jesse Owens
International Trophy. The Owens award is presented annually to the
athlete who best personifies excellence in athletic performance and
promotes sincere cooperation and understanding among people of all
nations. Greg Lemond won the award in 1991, the cyclist to do so.
Armstrong, selected for the award by an international panel, will be
honored by the International Amateur Athletic Association at a dinner
Feb. 10 in New York.

Bicyclopedia calls itself  'A Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Bicycles
and Bicycling', and so it is. At its page you will find information on all
kinds of cyclists and all sorts of cycling. Check out 'snakewalking' a
term used by competitive track cyclists. Or 'joint mouse', which
describes a rather unpleasant condition of the knee. In addition, this
page features a panoply of entries pertaining to cycling and cyclists,
both modern and historic. The site is maintained by edited by Steven
Olderr, a . professional librarian and author.

The Sharp TM-20 is a personal e-mail device that seems designed with the
bicycle tourist in mind. Weighing in at only 8.5 ounces, the tiny TM-20
is easy to carry and easy to use. It delivers and receives your mail
through a proprietary provider called Pocketmail. Open up the clamshell
case, walk through a simple menu, and type your message. With a keypad
measuring only 6 by 3 inches, you're not going to be doing any rapid
touch typing, but each message is limited to 4,000 characters, so you
won't be typing any manifestos anyway. Sending a message is as easy as
finding a phone. Earpiece and mouthpiece connectors pop out of the back
of the TM-20; line them up with the telephone handset and you're in
business. Pocketmail sends your stored messages and downloads any new
messages. In addition to Pocketmail, the TM-20 comes loaded with
Calendar, Schedule, Address Book, and Memo applications. For more
information about the Sharp TM-20 plus photos, see the Product Watch
Online column at Adventure Cycling's web site  (You can also see the TM-20 at

Have you ever wanted to lead a bicycle tour? All of Adventure Cycling's
tour leaders and event leaders are chosen from our Leadership Training
Courses. The Malibu, California session scheduled for February 11-13 has
only a couple of spots open. The Missoula, Montana course (March 17-19),
and Littleton, Massachusetts course (April 14-16), are also filling
fast. The new Madison, Wisconsin LTC planned for the weekend of May 12th
has been a big hit and is over half full. All Leadership Training
Courses are limited to 22 participants for each session. The three days
of instruction include lectures, demonstrations, and exercises designed
to form a structure for leading one of our tours. Our instructors and
advisors, all accomplished tour leaders, concentrate teachings on
touring group dynamics, rider motivation, group communication, conflict
resolution, group cycling safety, on the road public relations as well
as tour management techniques in budgeting, cooking, navigation and much
more. Hurry to secure your spot in one of our four 2000 Leadership
Training Courses. For more details call the Tours Department today!

End Bike Bits Vol. 1, No. 12
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