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Bike Bits Vol. 1, No. 11, January 11, 2000
This is the eleventh issue of Bike Bits, Adventure Cycling's on-line
bicycle bulletin, published bi-monthly. You've received
Bike Bits because you checked the box for updates when you
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"I mean, you either love spinning the pedals and watching scenery whiz
by, or you don't. And if you love it, not much can sour you on the idea
of riding your bike." Keith Mills

Start planning your spring tour now! Full four-color maps for Adventure
Cycling's Southern Tier Bicycle Route, from San Diego, California to St.
Augustine, Florida are now available. These maps have been improved:
they are now produced in a digitized format, which will make additions
and corrections far easier than on our older maps, and they are printed
in full four color, an improvement over our older, three-color maps.
Order them now from
the Cyclosource, Adventure Cycling's on-line catalog. The route covers
3,175 miles across the southern United States. It is the shortest of
Adventure Cycling's three transcontinental routes. Early spring is the
ideal time to use these maps, before summer's heat makes the trip too
daunting for most cyclists. 

The Bike Doctor is moving.  As many of you know, this Missoula bike shop
provides a toll free Tech Line for Adventure Cycling members. Their new
digs will be in the heart of Missoula's downtown. "It's a great
location!," says owner Marlana Kosky.  "The best thing about it is that
it's only a block from Adventure Cycling." Indeed, the new shop, located
at 420 North Higgins, could hardly be closer. Last year Marlana rode the
Greyhound all the way to Vermont to be the mechanic on Adventure
Cycling's Cycle Vermont II. The Bike Doctor has also provided technical
support for Cycle Montana for several years. 

Participating in a local bike club is a great way to meet other
cyclists. Clubs usually sponsor rides and other events and publish a
periodical newsletter publicizing their activities and bicycle-related
news in their area. They are also an excellent source of local cycling
knowledge and can often provide that knowledge to visiting cyclists.  We
found a great directory of bike clubs at  Check it out if you are
looking for a club to join, or if you are traveling to, or through an
area unfamiliar to you and want the straight dope on the best places to ride.

Win an Independent Fabrications Independence touring bike, a set of
Madden panniers, a B.O.B. trailer fitted with an Ortlieb bag, and a spot
on Adventure Cycling's Cycle Montana IX. All you have to do is become a
member of the Adventure Cycling Association (or renew your membership if
you already belong to the Association). For more information, as well as
the Official Rules, visit our web site at

Odyssey 2000, the year-long, around-the-world cycling adventure being
produced by Tim Kneeland and Associates, was kicked off on January 1 at
the Rose Bowl Parade. The 200 plus riders who are going on this tour of
the millennium led off the annual parade through the streets of
Pasadena. For an overview of the ride, go to  We will bring you regular
updates throughout the year. 

Adventure Cycling Tours Director Brian Martindale says it seems that,
for many people, this is going to be the summer to undertake a major
tour. Adventure Cycling's
 (2.1mb) Tours Catalog 2000 hit the mail just a few days ago, and
already several of the tours are nearly full. If this is the summer that
you go across the country with Adventure Cycling, contact Brian soon.
You can email him at, or call the
office at (406)721-1776.

In a move that comes as a surprise to many in the bicycling industry, it
was recently announced that Miller Freeman Corp. is looking for a buyer
for interbike, the cycling industry's major trade show, and for Bicycle
Retailer and Industry News, a leading industry publication.

Bicycling Magazine has launched a new consumer-oriented web site called
bikezone. It is intended to be the primary source for bicycling
information. For an in-depth look at the philosophy behind bikezone,
check out the site at  The aim of the
site is to be an entry point for everyone seeking information about

Asimba editor and occasional Adventure Cyclist contributor Scott Martin
has written an excellent reminiscence of his first bicycle tour across
the country. Read it for yourself at

Adventure Cycling's Sales Department has a few calendars left for the
year 2000. Order BT-641, the Velonews Road Racing Calendar, or BT-642,
the IMBA calendar. These calendars are $5 each, plus $2 shipping and
handling. To order, call 1-800-721-8719, or see them on the web in the
Cyclosource at

End Bike Bits Vol. 1, No. 11 
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