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Hit the road for the next adventure of a lifetime

Maybe you’ve been putting it off for years, or maybe it just appeared — a goal you didn’t know you had but can’t ignore. Will it be hard? Sure, but getting here was hard. Long hours, kids, one career and then another — whole lives come and gone. Just this one now, and no reason to stop. Go.

Join Adventure Cycling on an Epic Tour across America and realize that for someone who’s seen it all, you ain’t seen nothing yet.




Follow along with us on the many adventures that our community of 50,000 members share and, working together, you'll learn all about bike touring. Check out our video on how to prepare for a long-distance bike tour and visit our bikeovernight.org website for ideas on two-day tours that will help you build confidence.




Tour Team Top Picks

Florida Keys
Florida Keys

Self Contained. Get a second dose of summer with this Sunshine State ride. You can smile wide as you ride knowing you’re enjoying 356 miles of sunny, warm weather!

Death Valley Fall
Death Valley Fall - Van

Van Supported. Pedal past sand dunes, hot springs, canyons, rock formations, and an incredible variety of plant and animal life as we explore the maze of wildly eroded and colorful badlands that are Death Valley.