Epic Gap Summer Tours

“There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.”  - Jack Kerouac, On the Road

About to graduate college and hesitant to join that cubicle life? Or maybe you’re a couple years into the rat race and looking for a change of pace. Plug a little gap in your summer. We’re lookin’ to put together a group of young folks (18-35 years old) for an epic ride across our great continent. The spreadsheets can wait. Spend a few months basking in the life-changing grandeur of the Rocky Mountains or the expanse of the TransAmerica Route, breathe the freshest air this green Earth has to offer; find a little perspective on your place in it.

Photo by Kenny Williams


Tour Team Top Picks

So. Charm: Savannah to St Augustine
Southern Charm: Savannah to St Augustine

Fully Supported. It all starts in the Old Southern city of Savannah, known for its beautiful squares, old oaks dripping with Spanish moss, fabulous history, and fascinating stories. Then it’s off to explore coastal wildlife refuges and the pristine stretches of Georgia’s Golden Isles — vibrant, thriving coastal communities rich in history and full of traditions with historic landmarks around every bend. 

Death Valley IV
Death Valley IV - Van

Van Supported. Pedal past sand dunes, hot springs, canyons, rock formations, and an incredible variety of plant and animal life as we explore the maze of wildly eroded and colorful badlands that are Death Valley.