Guided Tours

If you would rather not set off alone, or would like to have Adventure Cycling do your trip planning then GRAB YOUR BIKE AND GO on one of our group tours! For more than 40 years we've offered a wide range of exciting spring, summer, and fall tours. Our group consist of 10 to 60 cyclists, representing a cross-section of ages and experience levels. Each group is accompanied by one or more of our trained leaders.

“ This ride exceeded my expectations. I had a great time, met some really nice people, and the scenery was lovely too. The staff was great, which made the ride and camping fun and smooth. Our leader did a great job, and the meals were excellent. I definitely want to go a on another tour!”  — 2016 Tour Participant

Tours vary in length from four to 93 days. Self-contained camping tours are still at the heart of our tours program. Three of our most popular tours are: The TransAmerica Bicycle Trail (93 days), The North Star, which takes you from Missoula, Montana to Anchorage, AK (61 days), and the Great Divide Canada, the Serengeti of North America (11 days).

Inn-to-Inn tours are also popular, with trips in Washington State’s San Juan Islands, Bar Harbor, Maine, and Glacier-Waterton, Montana where you’ll crest the Continental Divide. This style of touring combines the freedom of being self-contained with the luxury of staying in country inns.

There are 38-van-supported tours to choose from, including Maine Coast and Lighthouses, five Death Valley departures, four Natchez Trace tours and many long-distance tours such as the TransAm and the Underground Railroad. On the van-supported tours, you’ll carry only a handlebar bag or small rack pack for holding items you might need during the riding day, such as rain gear. 

“This was a tremendous tour, one of the best I’ve ever taken. Routes were safe, scenic, and thoroughly enjoyable. Highly recommended!”— 2015 Tour Participant

In 2018 we have 108 tours, including eight new adventures that will take in some of the most spectacular scenery in North America. Our experienced leaders and staff work hard to facilitate an enjoyable, unforgettable adventure for you.

Read through our tour descriptions, detailed itineraries, and testimonials on our website to find the adventure that inspires you. If you have questions, our Adventure Cycling staff will be glad to discuss your options and help your dream cycling tour become reality.

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2016/2017 Testimonials

“ I’ve done a number of tours with Adventure Cycling and loved them all, but this was the best group I’ve been with. The people on this trip were just plain fun. I loved everywhere we got to see.”  — 2016 Tour Participant

“ I love the little towns, particularly Patagonia. Tombstone was interesting but did not get to see much of it. Bisbee is a fascinating and historic community. The roads were generally fine and not too busy. The terrain was sufficiently challenging, but not intimidating for this early season rider who was not in top shape.”  — 2017 Tour Participant

Tour Team Top Picks

2018 Selkirk Splendor
2018 Selkirk Splendor

Self Contained. Pack your passports for this international tour through some of the finest cycling terrain that the U.S. and Canada have to offer along “The West’s Best Scenic Drive.”

2018 CA Gold Rush to the Bay
2018 CA Gold Rush to the Bay - Inn to Inn

Inn to Inn. There is no better way to see and experience the San Francisco Bay Area, along with a splendid section of Northern California, than from the seat of your bike. Add in a fabulous ferry ride and two convenient train connections, and you have all the ingredients for a fun, multimodal travel adventure that covers significant distances, with cycling at the heart of each day.

2018 C&O Canal/GAP - Spring
2018 C&O Canal/GAP - Spring

Self Contained. This spring, you won’t need to worry about traffic as you ride your hybrid or mountain bike some 330 miles on hard-packed, gently graded gravel and dirt trails from the heart of the nation’s capital north to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.